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A Dog Loving Family-Owned Business

We believe in a strong community of likeminded people who want the absolute best for their dogs. We offer a safe, secure and enriching environment for all dogs to relax, play, meet other dogs and generally have an incredible time. Dogs are amazing creatures and teach us every day so much about how to live life better.


  • Dogs make us feel less alone

  • Dogs are good for your heart

  • Dogs help you stop stressing out

  • Dogs can keep you calm

  • Dogs help us cope with crisis

  • Dogs encourage you to move

  • Dogs are goofy

  • Dogs make us more social

  • Thorough play dogs form deep bonds with us and each other

  • Dogs show us how to live in the present moment

  • Dogs are pure LOVE

Sadly not all dogs that are born find themselves in fortunate and loving environments. Here at Île aux Chiens we hope to provide a safe, enriching space for any dog to enjoy. Our aim is to give back by working closely with local dog charities/ rescue centres in order for more dogs to experience love, safety, freedom, adventure and play in their lifetimes.



Alfie was born in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, he comes from a large family and adores the company of other dogs. He is a Black & Silver Miniature Schnauzer and if you are not familiar with the breed, he is definitely a big dog in a small body. A big goof-ball who loves to make you laugh, independent, with selective hearing, but totally adorable all the same.

Alfie can't wait to show you all the cool areas of the park, he even has his own little patch especially created for him!

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