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Dog Adventure Play & Sensory Park

We are proud to open the first sensory dog park in the Limousin.


We combine elements of both adventure play and sensory exploration into our dog park experience. We provide exciting activities to keep your dog fit, healthy and most importantly happy. Creative obstacles within the park have been adapted for dog adventure play, whilst our sensory experience helps to build confidence in nervous dogs, reduces stress and calms down hyperactive dogs, resulting in better focus and control.


Our park incorporates mental enrichment for your dog. This stimulates their natural behaviours, giving them a feeling of accomplishment, increased  happiness and general well-being. In addition, this reduces boredom, anxiety and frustration, whilst improving your dogs' development, habits and behaviours. We have planted a range of dog-friendly plants and shrubs which help to reduce anxiety, encouraging dogs to become more relaxed in their surroundings.


We also have a covered barn area which provides seating, protection from bad weather, and shade, as well as a shallow water area for dogs to cool off after using the park.

We will be regularly updating and rotating equipment in the field to keep things new and stimulating for our regular visitors.


Dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose, ​depending on the breed, a dog’s sense of smell can be 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than that of a human. Plus the part of a dog's brain that is devoted to analysing smells is about 40 times greater than ours, even though a human brain is ten times larger. Their sensitive sense of smell is incredible. Dogs love fun games that let them use their noses, and we believe one of the best ways to bond with your dog is through play.

Within our sensory park we have created fun areas with are designed to stimulate your dogs senses, by their noses, via different textures, colours and sounds. These interactions helps to reduce stress and anxiety, whilst providing enrichment and pleasure, stimulating your dog both mentally and physically.


We have repurposed obstacles in the park for your dog to enjoy adventure play. If you have an active dog that likes to jump and climb, then natural agility may be right up their street. Wooden stumps can be perfect for this, and your dog may also enjoy the nice woody aroma. Our sensory park experience helps to build confidence in nervous dogs, promotes mental stimulation, less barking and calms down hyperactive dogs, creating better focus and control. Certain herbs can also help with anxiety and digestion.



As humans we see in full colour, but a dog is only able to see the world around them in shades of blue, yellow, and grey. A dog’s sense of sight has evolved in such a way that makes them see movement as opposed to clear objects. With this in mind we have designed special areas to ignite your dogs senses at every opportunity, making it an interesting and colourful experience for them. For example planting native plants that attract butterflies.

Your dog’s sense of touch involves both him touching other objects and also how he is touched. A dog’s entire body is covered in touch-sensitive nerve endings that 'feel' the world around him. Dogs continually use their sense of touch to communicate with other dogs and with you. Physical affection, petting, scratching, and massage are all positive and important ways to communicate to your dog through touch. 

Dogs do not have many sweat glands but some of the few they do have are found in their paws. These glands give off scents, hence why many dogs enjoy digging and scratching. Our park contains numerous digging pits containing textures such as sand, bark, and coming soon hay and pebbles. Ignite your dog’s curiosity by placing treats on top of the sand at first, next bury them just under the top layer and encourage them to 'find it’. 

A dog’s sense of hearing is far more acute than that of a human. A dogs’ sense of hearing is far more fine tuned than ours. Not only do they hear much louder and more clearly than we do, they’re able to discern subtle differences in sound that humans could never hear. ​If everyone in your entire town / city drove the exact same car, your dog would still know whether or not it was you pulling into the driveway. Within our park we will create soundscapes to provide soothing and relaxing sounds for the dogs to listen to. Plus we naturally have many beautiful sounds from the birds that live and nest here.

  • Wind chimes (wooden ones are especially soothing)

  • Ornamental grass - like wheatgrass

  • The sound of the River Vayres close by



Your dog was born to be free, and at Île aux Chiens you can give them what they need. You can relax knowing that they are in a safe enriching environment, and then in turn that will help your dog to be calmer and content. We have created a one-of-a-kind sensory park experience which you and your dog will love and we can’t wait to meet you and your best friend very soon. 

Dog Waving Paw


Did you know dogs actually have far fewer taste buds than humans and don’t have a well-developed sense of taste. When your dog is eating, a unique olfactory organ inside his mouth actually allows him to 'taste' the air around the food, not the food itself. maybe a reason why some dogs gulp their food.

Within our park, you will find a variety of toys and games for you and your dog to enjoy together. Enjoy bonding, teaching and playing with your dog whilst they work their intellectual muscles. Some of the best ways to keep your pets mind engaged, entertained and alert is through puzzles and games. We have a tyre tunnels, photo puzzle game and a sensory area planted with seasonal plants perfect for sniffing games.

Dogs often get attracted to different plants for self medicating reasons (list below). 


Here are some plants that give great stimulation for dogs along with their benefits. We have many of these varieties planted within and around the park (depending on the season).

  • Catnip: isn't just for cats! This has relaxation properties and stimulates playfulness in dogs

  • Chamomile: dogs suffering from anxiety or skin/stomach upsets will be attracted to this plant’s scent

  • Clary sage: good for highly strung animals and those with hormonal imbalance

  • Hops: a calming plant often selected by hyperactive and stressed dogs

  • Lavender: helps to reduce anxiety and other nervous conditions

  • Lemon Balm: when your dog is in need of a little pick-me-up, they’ll enjoy sniffing and chewing on  lemon balm. In moderation, this can also aids your dog’s digestion.

  • Marigolds: dogs experiencing grief or emotional distress will often sniff out this plant

  • Marshmallow: known to help animals with delicate stomachs

  • Meadowsweet: often selected by dogs with digestive problems, arthritis and rheumatic conditions

  • Mimulus: used as a remedy for animals that are nervous, timid and shy

  • Peppermint: good for cooling properties and will often be selected by dogs who suffer from skin irritations

  • Plantain: helps gastric irritation and inflammation

  • Rosemary: helps to reduce anxiety and other nervous conditions

  • Thyme: chosen by animals with bacterial infections, skin irritations and diarrhoea

  • Valerian: often selected by anxious dogs for its calming effect

  • Vervain: valuable for treating and nourishing nervous system disorders such as depression

  • Violets: Nervous dogs or those who have recently changed home may enjoy sniffing this plant

  • Wheatgrass: is packed full of nutrients. It’s been shown to help with dog digestion and help boost energy levels. Lots of dogs can’t help but have a munch when they find it

  • Yarrow: offered to animals with inflammation, urinary problems and internal and external wounds.

It's important to mention here plants that can be toxic to dogs. These common garden plants can harm your dogs. The American Kennel Club provides a full list of toxic plants: Daffodils, Lily of the valley, Tulips, Oleander, Azaleas, Holly, Hydrangea, Ivy, Peony, Sago Palm & Foxglove to name a few. 

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

Dog Training

We offer onsite dog training and behaviour services (for all aged dogs) in French and English. We are proud to align with the best qualified dog trainers from this region. Please click below to find out more . . .


Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding our dog park. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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