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Alfie at Île Aux Chiens Dog Park
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Adventure Play &
Sensory Dog Park

Île aux Chiens is an Adventure Play and Sensory Park for all dogs. We have created a secure half hectare field within La Ferme du Moulin des Monts. Our purpose-built play & sensory dog park area offers group play sessions on Saturday mornings and is available to hire for exclusive use throughout the week.


Our dog park (Isle of Dogs) is on an island, surrounded by water. The river Vayres is on one side, with a canal, pond and stream on the other sides in order to service the Moulin. The site was a working Mill since pre-Napoleonic times, with over 2 hectares of pastural land.


This beautiful picturesque valley is situated on the outskirts of Vayres in dept 87 in the Limousin. We are only a 8 minute drive from the medieval town of Rochechouart , and 40 minutes from Limoges.


We have created a secure, safe, stimulating and enriching environment for all dogs to enjoy. We believe in freedom, fun and off lead adventures for dogs and building a strong community of likeminded people who want the absolute best for their dogs.

Playing Fetch
Moulin des Monts



Here at Île aux Chiens we are passionate about dogs, our day starts & ends with a wet nose kisses and wagging tails. 


Dogs bring bucket loads of joy and sunshine to our lives, they remind us that every day can be a play day, and they are always wanting to please. They teach us about unconditional love, how to be in the present moment and are always happy to see us. It’s pure joy watching your dog live it’s best life and knowing that you play a part in giving that to them.

Alfie at Île Aux Chiens Dog Park
Dog with a toy

Dog Sensory Park

Vizsla Dogs

What we Offer

Île aux Chiens Park is a Sensory Park based in dept 87 of the Limousin. It is where dogs can sniff, discover, explore, climb, keep fit and develop strength and confidence - everything they need to stay calm, relaxed and happy. We offer group play sessions, exclusive use, dog training and behaviour services, dog birthday parties, dog portraits and much more. 

Who our park is perfect for

  • Dogs that feel anxious or nervous around other dogs

  • Dogs that would benefit from socializing with other dogs​

  • Dogs with poor recall skills 

  • Dogs that run away easily

  • It is ideal for dogs that cannot be let off the lead in public places

  • Reactive or aggressive dogs

  • Perfect for dogs that are perhaps under-challenged, under-stimulated, as they are often left on their own if you are busy with work

  • Owners that don't have a large garden space for their dogs to run freely in

  • Puppies or adult dogs that need to work on training in a safe enclosed environment

  • For owners of rescue dogs who would like to bond with their new companion

  • Owners who want to spend 1:1 quality time with their dog without distractions

  • Provides senior dog owners an accessible place to exercise their companions.

  • An opportunity for dog lovers to socialize with other dog owners.​

  • Or for anyone who enjoys watching their dog run free, happy and fulfilled

Dog in a Raincoat
Alfie in tyre tunnel


Your dog was born to be free, and at île aux Chiens you can give them what they need. You can relax knowing that they are in a safe enriching environment, and then in turn that will help your dog to be calmer and content. We have created a one-of-a-kind sensory park experience which you and your dog will love and we can’t wait to meet you and your best friend very soon. 

Molly relaxing
Alfie at Île Aux Chiens Dog Park

Meet Alfie

Head of Security & Tour Guide

He is a reason we decided to create this park. He inspires us everyday, he is our ray of sunshine. We have been very fortunate to have him from 10 weeks old and he has been a dream from day one. He is such a loving boy, who adores playing with other dogs. Well that’s an understatement, if Alfie could play play play all day he would. He knows every one of his toys by their name and he is just such an incredibly patient, very funny, loving, goofy little boy. Maybe he loves other dogs so much as he came from a big family, who gave him the very best start in life. He is so generous, kind, well balanced and trusting towards other dogs. He is of course head of security and tour guide at the park, and is very happy to give guided tours of all the play equipment at anytime of the day. He patrols his back garden / play ground every night and ensures it’s safe and secure for all his new dog buddies.


We can all relax knowing it’s in safe paws with Alfie.

Schnauzer Île aux Chiens Logo


“We went for our first visit yesterday and couldn’t recommend it more highly! Such a warm welcome, David & Tracey were very friendly and their passion for dogs was clear to see. Can’t wait for our next visit! Thank you"

 Emma Green 

Tyre Tunnel at Île Aux Chiens Dog Park

How to Find Us

Île aux Chiens dog park is situated within

La Ferme du Moulin des Monts in Vayres in

department 87, Haute Vienne, SW France.

A beautiful picturesque and tranquil valley

We are a 8 minute drive from Rochechouart and an easy

40 minute drive away from the city of Limoges



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